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Flavor of the month:
Dreamsicle is 50% off during the month of September.
Available in 30ml and 15ml bottles in 16mg, 8mg and 4mg.
*Custom orders of Dreamsicle are also 50% off

New Seasonal Flavors!

Warmer weather is upon us! Enjoy our refreshing seasonal flavors. Bubblegum, Cucumber Mojito, Flamingo, Pina Colada, and Pink Lemonade. Available at 16mg in 30ml, 15ml and 6ml bottles and at 8mg in 30ml and 15ml bottles.

Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.  
Not intended for non smokers.
Not intended as a stop smoking device.
Cigarette smokers looking for a stop smoking aid should consult their doctor, as well as before purchase to discuss any and all benefits or health risks that may be associated with Electronic Cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette fluid contains:
Nicotine, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, Natural and Artificial flavoring and Distilled Water.